We Serve Local Small Business

Locally owned small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy. Small business employs the majority of the workforce and its entrepreneurs are the leading force in innovation in both business strategy and technology. At Lopez & Associates, we understand small business because we are one ourselves.

Lopez & Associates offers a well rounded array of accounting and clerical services to help ease your work load, and to leave you free to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

We Help Individuals Make The Most of Their Finances

At Lopez & Associates we have a strong commitment to helping individuals make the most of their finances. We believe that, with proper preparation and planning, every individual or household can structure their financial affairs to make the most of the resources they have available to them.

This process starts with ongoing tax strategy. Many people wait until tax time to evaluate their tax situation, only to find that they owe more than they thought they would. We can help you make sense of your unique tax situation, and advise you on the best way to keep up with your taxes throughout the year, so there will be no surprises at tax time. When the time comes, we can prepare your individual tax return, and help you find as many ways as possible to maximize your return.

Whether you have prepared your taxes yourself, or someone else prepared them for you, we can help in the event that you are audited by the IRS. It goes without saying that no one wants to find out that they are being audited, but we can help you through the entire process in order to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

Once your tax situation is under control, we can show you the best way to handle your finances in the present as well as in the long-term. Proper financial, retirement, and estate planning today can save you and your family headaches in the future, and we’re here to offer whatever advice you may need to make this possible.

We are more than happy to help our customers receive the maximum refund possible!!! Make an appointment now to help you. Can’t make it in? No worries! Email or Fax your information to us and we can complete everything for you and have your refund deposited directly into your bank account.

APRIL 15 – Mark your Calendar today!

Call us to schedule your appointment before its too late. You only have these many days until the last day for Taxes.


Tax professionals like us, e-filed almost 63 million returns during 2008

Ask us about filing and paying electronically. Filing taxes online and paying electronically gets taxes done more accurately, quickly and efficiently.

Electronic tax filing and paying ensures that your tax nformation arrives and that your history is safe and secure.

Whether you’re a business, big or small, or are self-employed we will help you’ll e-file your taxes.